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The Covid-19 has proved to be a tough foe but we are seeing more and more heart warming stories of people who extending their helping hands to the less fortunate. 

We understand that everyone is struggling in our own ways, but those who have the means to help can consider directing some of your spare resources to a charity of your choice.

If you would like to help but have no idea who to donate to, we offer a few suggestions that might help.


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1. The Lost Food Project

The Lost Food Project is one of the pioneer food banks in Malaysia and has been focused on reducing food wastage and fight hunger since its inception, feeding more than 6,000 less fortunate every week.

In tough times like these, many food banks have been unable to carry out street feeding, but they are looking to collect fund to donate to people who are struggling and do not have a shelter.  



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2. KAMY - Klima Action Malaysia

Ever since the MCO has started, many Orang Asli communities are finding it difficult to obtain food and reaching them has become even harder than before. 

In addition to the risks Covid-19, starvation is a very real threat facing many. Alarm bells have been raised and we can do our part in by donating to KAMY. 

All donations and use of funds are transparent so you do have to worry that your donation being misused. 



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3. Voice for Paws 

With the city at a standstill, many strays and rescued animals are finding it difficult to find food. Voice for Paws is making huge efforts to feed the strays and to rescue animals and we can all do our parts for our furry friends. 

You may choose to donate to them in cash or goods (e.g. rice, animal food), but please contact Voice for Paws to find out what goods are most needed. 

Voice to Paws is also transparent about their donations and will publish the donations on social media. 



The list is by no means exhaustive and there are many other ways we can do our part to help those that are more in need than us! 

More than ever, we need to step up and do our part to help each other. 

We at RoomPlus would like to encourage everyone to contribute to the society and help fellow human and animal Malaysians.



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